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‘Meshuggah Face of Wall Street’ – The perfect film/music mash-up

A simple altering or switching of audio can have hilarious results, if you haven’t seen it yet ‘Meshuggah Face of Wall Street’ is a 15 second Youtube clip combining scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street with the track ‘Rational Gaze’ by Swedish metal giants Meshuggah. The clip shows Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) riling up his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont with one of his trademark speeches, gurning in a style similar to Meshuggah vocalist Jens Kidman (above, right). In under 24 hours the video had over 500,000 views and was spreading like wildfire throughout the online metal community, before finding it’s way to Facebook and Twitter pages of users who had not only never heard of Meshuggah, but hadn’t even seen The Wolf of Wall Street.

The video’s undeniable replay value has gained it such popularity that when ‘Meshuggah’ is typed into the YouTube search bar ‘Meshuggah Face of Wall Street’ is the top suggestion, above anything from the band’s back catalogue which spans 23 years. A petition has been started on with the aim of getting Leo on stage with Meshuggah at Bonnaroo festival this June, and currently holds just over 5,000 signatures. The petition, addressed to not only Meshuggah and DiCaprio but also to US president Barack Obama, declares, “The Internet has spoken! We demand that Leonardo DiCaprio appear on stage with MESHUGGAH at this years Bonnaroo Festival!”

Andrey Menshikov, the man responsible for uploading the clip said the idea came to him whilst watching The Wolf of Wall Street in the cinema. “When DiCaprio made the face I instantly made the association with Jens. It’s cool that a video like that using metal music collects so many views.” Andrey is a big supporter of the petition created in response to his video, believing that collective enthusiasm for a cause such as this can only bring people together. “The petition is great. The potential performance will be written into history if it happens. Many are skeptical about this petition, but such actions bring into our lives a little positivity, given that you need to spend just a few seconds to sign it.”

The creator of the petition, known by his Twitter handle ‘RickyFTW’,  is however less optimistic about his bid’s chance of success, “I don’t think it will happen but I want there to be a buzz in the air at the festival, people saying to each other ‘I heard Leo DiCaprio is showing up on stage’. The band’s publicist is aware of the petition but hasn’t commented yet.”

This year’s lineup for Bonnaroo Festival, which takes place in Manchester, Tennessee, holds only a handful of metal acts including Meshuggah, Mastodon and Deafheaven. The festival declined to comment about the petition, leaving the door open to this unlikely combination of Hollywood and Swedish metal.

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